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The Oil & Gas industry continues to face dilemmas regarding the efficiency of its operations. The downtime created by frequent part replacement and the use of expensive base materials and coatings increases operating costs, Oil & Gas industry customers in the past, have attempted various techniques to protect, strengthen or enhance the internal-surface performance of their parts, but each method has shown basic limitations. For example, parts were sometimes manufactured from special high-grade metals and then machined for extra smoothness, proving to be an expensive proposition. And traditional coating methods— As Painters we have found that the Thermal paint we use is much better then other products

The cost of corrosion—just in U.S. industrial piping—totals more than $8 billion annually! In attempting to combat the problem, approximately 10% of all new U.S. steel pipe is treated to resist corrosion. For the same reason, expensive corrosion-resistant alloy and specialty pipes are also being used. Now, InnerArmor provides a more cost-efficient, more effective solution—literally a high-performance barrier against corrosion.

Industrial Thermal Insulating Coating has been used successfully for heat exchangers, bag houses, rail cars, tanks, condensation lines, HVAC, personnel protection, radiant barrier control, among countless other applications. The insulating coating works not only to reduce temperatures but also provides energy savings, thermal insulation

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